Frontend Development

Our UI/UX development team designs your products with you. We write the code with the technologies most suitable for you and compile it for the live environment by accordance with the standards.

Which tools & technologies we are familiar with

  • VueVue
  • ReactReact
  • GatsbyGatsby
  • GraphQLGraphQL
  • BabelBabel
  • WebpackWebpack
  • ESLintESLint
  • GulpGulp
  • StorybookStorybook
  • CypressCypress
  • JestJest
  • LighthouseLighthouse
  • SeleniumSelenium
  • PrettierPrettier
  • BootstrapBootstrap case study is an e-commerce site that sells vitamins and personal care products.

To be able to go live quickly, the project was started with WooCommerce, an open-source system. A brand design reflecting the company's industry was created, and the theme was designed with modern front-end technologies. Plugin developments were made according to the needs.

An integrated stock and warehouse system with the company's suppliers has been created on the backend. WooCommerce models were created using Laravel. It aims to migrate to a fully custom system to get rid of the performance problems of WordPress in the future and to make faster developments. Integration with popular marketplaces has been achieved.'s product developments are still carried out by us.


E-commerce, UI/UX Design, Backend Development, Frontend Development, devOps

— 2020 case study

Tezmaksan is one of Turkey's largest CNC/Machine Manufacturing companies.

In the meeting we had with the company, they told us that they needed a website that did not need a developer, where the content of the site and the blocks could be changed by different departments without going beyond the design.

By listening to other needs of our customers, we designed a completely customizable website consisting of vertical blocks without going beyond UX standards.

At the same time, we prepared a document containing the software development processes, the technologies to be used, and the system architecture and enabled our client to collect proposals.

We helped our customers choose the right software company by holding meetings with the companies they chose.

In the next step, we participated in the development processes of the selected software companies and ensured the emergence of the definite system that our client wanted.


UI/UX Design, CTO as a Service, Consultancy

— 2021 case study

Tazeyken is a social responsibility project that aims to use world resources more efficiently by preventing products whose expiration date is approaching from being thrown away. We are proud to be part of an app that sets out to save Earth's resources.

We created a document by planning all the details and features of the project and its future versions, and we set out to produce an MVP.

First of all, we created branding design according to modern styles.

We designed the mobile application and the store management panel, adhering to the UX rules.

We created the mobile app using React Native. We have created an application close to "native" by adding smooth animations rather than a standard mobile application.


UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, Backend Development, Web Development, devOps

— 2021 case study

Seotsi is a SaaS project which includes automated tasks.

It has made that the repetitive services by the entrepreneur to their customers has facilitated and that the customers can receive service quickly.

At the same time, the system automatically performs the actions such as invoice/accounting records and presents them to the entrepreneur and customer. The entrepreneur does not need to do anything except for the algorithm development for the system to work.

The development, production environments, CI/CD tasks have been created, an api document built, and delivered to the customer.


UI/UX Design, Backend Development, Frontend Development, devOps

— 2020 case study

We have been developing e-commerce systems for many years for what is a leading seller and manufacturer of food supplements.

We made many improvements in the process that started with the open-source OpenCart software. It would not be wrong to say that the system on is a custom system built based on OpenCart.

Over the years, we have developed a system close to full automation with warehouse and supply management systems, marketing integrations, performance improvements, load tests, CI/CD processes.


E-commerce, Backend Development, Frontend Development, devOps

— 2015