Sales operations, which are not well-founded and do not have a fully controlled management, will cause your brand to lose value. In addition to software technologies, we will assist you in supply chain, storage, logistics and digital marketing.
Takviyelik.com case study

Takviyelik.com is an e-commerce site that sells vitamins and personal care products.

To be able to go live quickly, the project was started with WooCommerce, an open-source system. A brand design reflecting the company's industry was created, and the theme was designed with modern front-end technologies. Plugin developments were made according to the needs.

An integrated stock and warehouse system with the company's suppliers has been created on the backend. WooCommerce models were created using Laravel. It aims to migrate to a fully custom system to get rid of the performance problems of WordPress in the future and to make faster developments. Integration with popular marketplaces has been achieved.

Takviyelik.com's product developments are still carried out by us.


E-commerce, UI/UX Design, Backend Development, Frontend Development, devOps

— 2020

Aloprotein.com case study

We have been developing e-commerce systems for many years for Aloprotein.com what is a leading seller and manufacturer of food supplements.

We made many improvements in the process that started with the open-source OpenCart software. It would not be wrong to say that the system on Aloprotein.com is a custom system built based on OpenCart.

Over the years, we have developed a system close to full automation with warehouse and supply management systems, marketing integrations, performance improvements, load tests, CI/CD processes.


E-commerce, Backend Development, Frontend Development, devOps

— 2015

Aloprotein.com case study

Trendyol is the leading e-commerce company in Turkey. We helped the company to create a tablet application.

Our goal here in this project was successfully integrating the desktop site into the tablet.

We designed a clean user interface that is responsive and intuitive to use.


UI/UX Design

— 2015

Lidyana.com case study

We made improvements with Lidyana's in-house software team.

As part of the team, we performed the assigned tasks with the technologies chosen by the product manager.

Some of the improvements we have made;

  • An Objective C based iOS Application
  • Mobile Web API
  • New payment methods, and relational integrations added to the existing e-commerce system (cash on delivery, wire transfer, credit card)
  • A whole warehouse management system from scratch(including designing physical shelves, barcodes, and planning), shipping integrations
  • Marketing & SEO tools Integrations
  • A sync tool to communicate with a popular accounting software (Java)


Backend Development, Mobile Development

— 2014