CTO as a Service

We manage the tasks of your in-house developer team and provide you with reports about their work. We strive to maximize the performance of your team as a bridge between team and management with our strong communication skills. You can use our CTO as a service one-time or continuously for the establishment of your team or for other technical issues.
Tezmaksan.com.tr case study

Tezmaksan is one of Turkey's largest CNC/Machine Manufacturing companies.

In the meeting we had with the company, they told us that they needed a website that did not need a developer, where the content of the site and the blocks could be changed by different departments without going beyond the design.

By listening to other needs of our customers, we designed a completely customizable website consisting of vertical blocks without going beyond UX standards.

At the same time, we prepared a document containing the software development processes, the technologies to be used, and the system architecture and enabled our client to collect proposals.

We helped our customers choose the right software company by holding meetings with the companies they chose.

In the next step, we participated in the development processes of the selected software companies and ensured the emergence of the definite system that our client wanted.


UI/UX Design, CTO as a Service, Consultancy

— 2021