DevOps Engineer

Job Description

To make a solid, scalable and well operations as a team. It's a culture that we want to have is to share our knowledge about software development and solving problems together. If you learn easily and love to good communicate, we will learn fast and new things together.

Job Requirements

  • Lead and sustain the application of Agile and DevOps way of working
  • Apply an automation-mindset in everything you do (infrastructure, CI/CD, scripting, build tools to improve workflow, etc.)
  • Assist development team in applying good DevOps practices and continuously improve our CI/CD pipelines
  • Improve product through automation of tests, security audits, quality monitoring
  • Build out generic system and service monitoring and escalation workflows across clients
  • Work with Google Cloud and potentially other cloud providers
  • Work with MySQL, Kubernetes, Docker and more

Must Have

  • Experience in using Git and Github for source control
  • English language proficiency on writing and reading
  • Planning the code before writing it and enjoying documenting it
  • Open to innovations, wanting to learn, can apply what have learned
  • A keen attention to detail
  • Able to work task-based
  • Good communication skills

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